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Stripping back the progression of athletic performance.

What does it really take and what really matters when working towards your sporting goals?

Creating a space for and setting sporting and fitness goals can really be a beneficial part of lifestyle, health, wellness and overall fitness. When setting these types of goals we can either nail them from a holistic approach or we can set ourselves up for disappointment and frustration which can take us out of the game.

When setting your sporting goals there are certain measures to map your progression and it’s important to map your expectations in small increments. Sustainable long lasting fitness and health comes with small increments and lifestyle choices. A HOLISTIC APPROACH.

Why choose a holistic approach and what does this look like? Firstly, let’s understand what we are actually trying to achieve and the expectations we place on our mind and body. Sometimes we can get frustrated when our progression seems to take longer than expected. This can be disheartening leading us to doubt the process or worst case give up entirely. This situation is a flow on effect of many aspects, from your training schedule, work and life commitments and the over expectation of the physical body without looking at the whole body, whilst nourishing the mind and soul.

When mind, body and soul are aligned obtaining and sustaining peak performance becomes effortless.

I believe that approx. 25% of your success in progression of fitness comes from Nutrition, 25% from the actual physical training and conditioning and 50% from your mindset.

With this in mind, how are you setting yourself up for success in your desired goal or sporting desires?

We can get bogged down in the number of kilometers, the pace, the number of sessions, the technique, the best equipment, comparison of others, time and lack thereof etc. We can actually forget what we initially set out to do, what we are expecting of our bodies, what is realistic and what is sustainable. When we break it down, what are we really asking and expecting of our bodies?

  • We are asking that our bodies be our best equipment - they do the hard-work don't they???.....The best shoes, bike or outfit doesn’t really make us perform any better. They are measures by which we can express our worth and success to others but they have such a minimal impact on OUR own overall success and achievement of our sporting goals and fitness.

  • We are asking our minds to be the best facilitator of endurance...We ask that our minds show up and motivate, inspire, endure, stimulate and signal our movement.

  • We are asking our brain to concentrate and set the pace...We ask that our brain effortlessly work to maintain control, concentration, regulation, composure, cognitive performance, emotional regulation etc.

  • We are asking our bodies to turn-up and complete every repair at a cellular level, to deal with inflammation, improve muscle function, increase bone strength, maintain hydration, fluidity of muscle contractions, increase the hearts efficiency, lower heart rate and improve endurance, to burn body fat as fuel, joint function, improve blood oxygen carrying ability, increase physical stamina, boost energy…wow…we are asking so much of our bodies.

  • We are asking our bodies to repair and regenerate themselves after exercise... how do we fuel this repair and recovery? What do we feed it, nourish it with, relax and allow repair and replenishment?

  • We ask our bodies to deal with stress on the daily, to be productive, to sleep well, to work and play.

The way you perceive what you’re asking of your body is of the upmost importance.

Small daily holistic choices are what really propel us to achieve our goals. To go way beyond where we ever thought was possible. These small daily things will compound over time.

HOLISTIC WELLNESS. What does this look like? What is this? Why is it important?

  • Holistic Wellness is a lifestyle, not merely a program. It's gains go way beyond fitness, weight, speed or distance.

  • Better muscle tone and lower body fat are by products of holistic wellness rather than the ultimate goal.

  • Holistic wellness provides a high return on energy and time investment. Therefore, peak fitness can be built quickly and efficiently.

  • Stronger muscles move with greater ease fluidity and grace.

  • Increased muscular strength reduces the hearts workload and therefore boosts energy allowing us to be more efficient.

  • Being properly nourished reduces stress and therefore builds a reservoir of willpower.

  • Spending mental energy wisely yields improved productivity.

  • High quality nutrition is vital for cellular regeneration and ongoing athletic improvement.

  • Regular exercise and high quality good nutrition collaborate in the creation of a biologically younger body.

  • Consuming high net gain foods will result in sustainable, non-stimulating energy.

  • The reductions of nutritional stress will significantly reduce overall stress and will boost vitality with no loss in productivity.

  • Willpower becomes infinite. Allowing even major tasks will seem achievable.

  • Enjoyable activities restore willpower, resulting in the ability to take on major tasks and overcome significant challenges.

  • The benefits are endless...

For optimal health and wellness gain, only make investments that yield a worthy return.

DON’T UNDERESTIMATE the importance of proper nutrition and mind health – it’s the game changer!!!

The ways you eat, drink, move, think, breathe, believe and perceive don’t just impact on how you feel and function and look today – they are going to influence how you feel, function and look in the future. And the power to change all of that is in your hands, and your hands only.

Let that empower you!

For more information on Holistic Wellness reach out and contact me via email at or visit my website at

Yours in health,

Katie xo

The below picture was taken prior to a local Triathlon Ryan completed. Ashton was his biggest cheer squad and to me this is absolutely part of holistic wellness. Surrounding yourself with those who love you, who are inspired by you and who motivate you to be your best self.

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