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Starting with a vision

Updated: Apr 4, 2018

It's interesting to ponder on the thought that we have been given the opportunity to stop, step aside and reflect on and become aware of the unhealthy habits of thinking we have been living in.

When I was younger I had this image in my mind of the way life "should be". I was naive now that I reflect on this vision.

It is the choices made yesterday that shape our lives today and it is the ability to be able to expand your vision as life changes that allows you to live with love and joy.

The images in my mind of what my life was to be were nothing like it has turned out. For a long time I unknowingly was stuck in the merry-go-round of "why me?", "this isn't how it was suppose to be", blah blah.

I have now realized that the reality of life and the challenges and differences between the image in my mind and reality were actually in fact great opportunities in disguise.

I have been fortunate to have made the decision to align myself with a company and community who have opened the doors to personal development and growth over the past few years. I used to think that PD was some wish wash mumbo jumbo but in all honesty it has completely changed my life and my sons life. It is amazing to see it flow onto my husband Ryan and those around me in such a positive and organic way. When my vision grew so did the vision of those around me.

So where am I going with this?

I thought I had the perfect vision in my mind as I was growing up. What I have learned is that your vision changes and grows as you change and grow. As life shapes and changes you, your vision can be adapted and ultimately grow bigger and more amazing than you could have ever imagined.

The key is not to get in your own way. Be open to change, embrace the hardships of life, choose growth in the moment and enjoy the journey to the top of the mountain. There are many ways to climb the mountain of life and I can tell you that the view from the top is certainly a 360 degree view. What I mean is that as your life changes let your vision change, let the view change with the seasons of life.

I smile as I write this because my vision is so huge now. So much bigger, brighter, vivid, loving, far reaching and life changing than I could have imagined.

So instead of choosing the unhealthy habits of thinking....self pity, sadness, failure those that rob us of our freedom, hopes and dreams choose to look beyond yourself and your current situation. Find the small but significant pockets of happiness, love, joy, success, peace, connection. In this space we can proactively change the unhealthy habits of thinking and step forward into the very things for which we hunger.

It is in this space of growth that our vision can lead us through our challenges and fears and ignite passion and purpose in our lives again. It is in this space of self awareness that our hopes and dreams come to life.

Love Kate xo

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