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Finding your rhythm

In 2019 I attended the Just Saying Project Leading Ladies Event. I had attended a few JSP events in the past and had always come away thinking that I would love to be a part of the events in some way. I was fearful to put this out into the universe. Each time I left the events I felt like they were a space that embraced and uplifted, inspired and connected people and this spoke to my heart.

This year I was putting my vision board together and on my board I pinned a post-it note that said “guest speaker at JSP event 2020”. This felt scary but I put it out into the universe.

So this vision came to life last month when Fallon, Founder of JSP interviewed me as a guest speaker on the Leading Ladies Live chats. The universe delivered.

This live interview terrified me but excited me at the same time. Growth is never easy, but when we show up and give ourselves to the good of others we allow people to see and feel our purpose and passion, our love and light and be motivated and inspired because in some small way when we are vulnerable, we guide others to the source of their own power.

Life isn’t always straightforward but I have learnt that when you are most fearful of being vulnerable this is the time when you need to step forward the most. It’s when you find the most fulfillment and are able to add value to those you share that space with.

Below is the link to my live interview with Fallon “Finding Your Rhythm”.

I hope you enjoy.

Thanks for sharing space with me Fallon!

View interview below:

View interview below:

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