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So who am I?  I am wife to Ryan and mum to our little "Frog" Ashton. I am a daughter, sister, friend.  I am a successful business owner.  I am passionate about holistic wellness and creating sustainable health and happiness.

My journey with holistic wellness and nutrition began with my husband racing as a professional triathlete and balancing 2 businesses and a busy lifestyle.  My passion grew further when we wanted to start a family and again extensively when our son was born.  My passion for an holistic approach and my thirst for knowledge in this arena grew again when our son faced challenges and obstacles.  I won't lie and say life was was difficult.  It is through my passion for holistic health and sustainable habits and lifestyle choices that I have seen our little family flourish, overcome obstacles.  Each of us individuals and each of us flourishing in our own way but thriving together.

Owning and operating conventional businesses since the age of 21, has shown me many lessons and opportunities for growth. The older I get the more I realise that no one really has it all together. Everyone is just doing their best. 


Entrepreneurship is about trusting yourself and trying something new!


It’s about not being so set in a plan that it takes you away from your values and intentions. It’s about being able to give yourself permission to weave through the obstacles of life and be adaptable in situations that spark light in you. Going with your gut.....expecting the unexpected. This mindset puts you in control of your life.


My passion is found in working alongside and supporting special needs children and those within the community who see a life without barriers despite their challenges. This passion and purpose is driven from my own experiences with my son who at 3 years old was diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder, ADHD and Anxiety Disorder.


I want to lift those who cross my path and celebrate their achievements. I want to challenge thinking on issues and give people the confidence to back themselves, stand out, try something scary, build their wealth, make an impact, fail and stand again. To educate and embrace the community to seek holistic health and wellness. Provide support and guidance for nutritional therapies and to improve their lives mind, body and soul.


There are many facets to my work life balance... this website and my blog is a snapshot into my life and work - my purpose and passion.

Thanks for taking the time to connect.  I hope that I serve you well.


Katie xxx

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